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Simon Ekpa shows concern over Hamas leader entering Nigeria


Breaking Simon Ekpa the biafrans government in exile prime minister have raised serious alarm over the Hamas political leaders trooping into Nigeria.

He also added that he has once called the attention of Israel over the jihadist movement secretly going on in Nigeria, he also plead to Israel to support him in other to tackle jihadists terrorist groups in Nigeria.

According to him severally that the biggest threat on Israel and terrorism in the West is in Nigeria, That they are funding Hamas secretly, also that the terrorists groups is the biggest sponsor of Hamas and Biafra will remain a better ally to Israel, he also said that Biafra government will continue to decimate oil pipelines to continue the economic strangulation of the terrorists groups in Nigeria. Support Biafra now! He pleaded to Israel.

Simonekpa warns against hardship protest in southeast


There will be no protest about Nigeria in Biafra land simon Ekpa wans those clamoring for hunger in Nigeria.

He added that they are not part of Nigeria, also that his people must understand this, That the situation of Nigeria today is a result of Biafra New Dimension.

According to him he stood on his ground that there will be no protest until declaration of independence state of biafra this year in Finland.

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extraordinary marketer in Aba


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simon ekpa-plans to declare biafra from Finland


Simon Ekpa the biafrans elected government in exile prime minister on his Twitter handle has shown serious concern on declaration of independence state of biafra from Finland that got many talking again.

Simon Ekpa also publicly announced it the way he announced the 2023 Finland self referendum convention which his supporters trooped in massively.

According to him The biafra Government had its first cabinet meeting of the year 2024 committee for the convention has been formed and the Declaration of the Restoration of the Independence State of Biafra will happen in Oct/Nov, it is official! All road lead to Finland, for the preparation of the second Convention of the history.

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simon ekpa latest news


The biafra republic government in exile prime minister Simon Ekpa on his Twitter handle gives security warnings to igbos returning for Christmas.

Simon_ekpa who has been automatically controlling some southeast Nigeria protesting for freedom of his people was seriously warning those returning for Christmas both from abroad.

Epka while give this statement give reasons why he those not want his people to travel for the coming Christmas festival which igbos are the one more in travelling during Christmas periods because they are more in Christian.

Simon said his first ression is because there security will not be assured.

Also being still having some offensive issues with Nigerians armies and forces may encandle endangering their their lives.

He added also as Nigeria consistently continues having issues of kidnapping for ramson so that they will leave for there families because some of there families depends heavily on them.

To cap it all he advised them to send there ticket money and other provisions for them and save there lives from kidnappers and jihadist terrorists groups in Nigeria.

home accessories


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Charles okocha and zazzu sets to engage on exclusive boxing challenge


A Nigerian celebrity skit maker and actor Charle okocha popularly known as Mr philomena and singer Portable also known in the street as zazzu.

This challenge first started according to mr philomena when Mr philomena said to have called potable to export him for and endorsement which two of them did not reach on any agreement.

Of which Charle okocha mr philomena later paid zazzu 2 million naira as compensation which zazzu after that day raised an alarm that Mr philomena have ripped him off.

After that day Charle on his Facebook account on the process of clearing the air after explaining how everything went, He also added that zazzu should start avoiding him.

Mr philomena also asked zazzu that if he is a man enough he should choose a location so that the can engage on boxing if he is man enough that he is going to send him back to the zoo which zazzu accepted the challenge and finally the boxing is going to happened this December let’s see how it ends.