rechargeable fan


There are so many rechargeable fan selling very well in Nigeria but here I will pointing out those that are very good and where you can get then pay on delivery if you are in Lagos state.

Without wasting much time here are some very good rechargeable fans that are not just quality they also breezy.

The number one is century rechargeable fan 18inches its very strong and breezy you can buy it very affordable at or jumia.

Number two is qasa rechargeable fan 18 inches it’s also very quality rechargeable breezy fan you can also get it cheaper and delivered to you payment on delivery in Lagos from or jumia.

Also last but not the list is lontor rechargeable or mist fan it’s more than qulitier and breezy sales it cheaper and store.

The last once here are as followed Sonick mist rechargeable fan, ox rechargeable fan, Iwin rechargeable fan, classic rechargeable fan, and binatone rechargeable fan you can get them all very cheaper at jumia or picnod store.

Or click this link to buy now



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