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The biafra republic government in exile prime minister Simon Ekpa on his Twitter handle gives security warnings to igbos returning for Christmas.

Simon_ekpa who has been automatically controlling some southeast Nigeria protesting for freedom of his people was seriously warning those returning for Christmas both from abroad.

Epka while give this statement give reasons why he those not want his people to travel for the coming Christmas festival which igbos are the one more in travelling during Christmas periods because they are more in Christian.

Simon said his first ression is because there security will not be assured.

Also being still having some offensive issues with Nigerians armies and forces may encandle endangering their their lives.

He added also as Nigeria consistently continues having issues of kidnapping for ramson so that they will leave for there families because some of there families depends heavily on them.

To cap it all he advised them to send there ticket money and other provisions for them and save there lives from kidnappers and jihadist terrorists groups in Nigeria.



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