Charles okocha and zazzu sets to engage on exclusive boxing challenge


A Nigerian celebrity skit maker and actor Charle okocha popularly known as Mr philomena and singer Portable also known in the street as zazzu.

This challenge first started according to mr philomena when Mr philomena said to have called potable to export him for and endorsement which two of them did not reach on any agreement.

Of which Charle okocha mr philomena later paid zazzu 2 million naira as compensation which zazzu after that day raised an alarm that Mr philomena have ripped him off.

After that day Charle on his Facebook account on the process of clearing the air after explaining how everything went, He also added that zazzu should start avoiding him.

Mr philomena also asked zazzu that if he is a man enough he should choose a location so that the can engage on boxing if he is man enough that he is going to send him back to the zoo which zazzu accepted the challenge and finally the boxing is going to happened this December let’s see how it ends.



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