Simon Epka: warns Anambra indigenes over child death


The biafra republic government in exile prime minister Simon Ekpa on his Twitter handle warns Anambra indigenes of traveling home at the moment.

He makes this publicly on his Twitter live broadcast adding that he has being keeping quiet all this while on issues concerning Anambra state just to maintain peace at the region.

Also that his efforts trying to maintain peace at the region was compromised by killing an innocent Anambra child.

Simon Ekpa also specifically state the record straight that Anambra state is going be experiencing a very heavy operation of his biafra LIBERATION armies on weeks to come

After his broadcast that day Anambra state armed security forces has been experiencing gunmen invaders after Simon Ekpa’s warning.

Watch the video of the little boy that bullet rained on his belly here…

watch the full video.


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