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Simon Ekpa the elected biafrans government in exile prime minister on his twitter handle busted Envergelist Ebuka obi’s hidden agenda with imo state governor.

Envergelist ebuka obi is an evangelist who started his ministry not quite long at a place called aigo in Lagos state who obtained a very large quantity people in no distance time.

According to Simon Ekpa’s breafing on Twitter ebuka obi has being collecting billions of naira from hope uzordinmma who was the governor of imo state.

Also that ebuka obi collected 14.9 billions naira just to praise him after he has successfully k!lled and burnt down so many peoples houses in imo state.

In addition to make sure that what he said concerning him was considered truth he added that ebuka obi should debunk it.

Also that he is going to expose him more with video evidence on what ebuka obi is doing with southeast ladies all in the name of church.



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