Simon Ekpa – Finnish lawyer and political


Simon Ekpa – Finnish lawyer and political who use to describe him self as biafra prime minister on his X handle again warns eastern Nigeria youth which he claimed to indigenous people of biafra to desist from being recruited in any of Nigeria forces.

This is not the first time Simon Ekpa is making such statements he has once before made that kind security comment warning igbos and other eastern youths in Nigeria,

According to the findings we did and some rumors it was gathered the reason Simon Ekpa makes that statement because it got some people worried.

Simon Ekpa makes those statements of warning according to information because he said that he those not want any of his tribe or biafra groups to be k!elld by his deadly armies.

And if you diplomatically look into what is going on in the eastern part of Nigerians security forces are always the target of unknown gunmen at the area, so what those that tell you it scientifically means a lots.

According to information Simon Ekpa since his leader mazi nnamdi kanu was reconditioned back to Nigeria has been automatically controlling some well armed deadly forces.



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